Business Ethics

EAYDIN Engineering Consulting has been established over 40 years of experience, Know-How and hard work. We value the needs of our clients and their vision. Transparent and professional management as well as state of the art engineering services are essential and constitute an indivisible whole for a successful business.

Establishment and maintenance of appropriate ethical standards in our business provides us to interact with different cultures and operate globally. Business ethics and the observance of laws and regulations govern our actions and conduct. Business should be conducted in a fairly manner within the frame work of existing national and international laws, regulations and ethical standards. All business activities in EAYDIN are treated as confidential and regarded as a delicate matter considering the benefits of our clients and their targeted strategies.

We care about environment and people. According to our understanding every technology can be applied and implemented considering a sustainable future. Especially in power generation projects, EAYDIN Engineering Consulting always cares about obtaining the necessary environmental permits at very early project stages. Power generation can be considered analogous to nutrition. For sustainable and reliable growth, every needed nutrient has to be taken seriously and considered. Similarly for reliable and sustainable power generation different power sources must be maintained for secure future.

Finally our strongest benchmark in our business ethics is to take care of our customers with trust and transparency providing the most suitable solution to realize their vision. Our experience in mergers and acquisitions added up into our corporate standard and our reliable and strong global network structures our success.