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As globally thinking organization, EAYDIN has a leading understanding in project management, with experience on complex engineering and construction jobs. EAYDIN knows how to manage all aspects of even a complex project, from engineering to monitoring to construction and completion. We also are experts at resolving conflicts and identifying issues prior to becoming problems.

EAYDIN / Management Service

The team of EAYDIN focuses on the overall picture, establishing priorities and coordinating activities and participants to ensure quality projects that are delivered safely, on time and within budget. Clear definition of processes, integration of ERP systems and establishment of good and effective organization leads to good project management and execution. EAYDIN offers the key to successful project execution.

Project management connects all activities to each other on a project. A project may be well defined and adequately financed; the agreements may be carefully drawn up, the contractors, staff and workers considerably experienced. However, if all parts of the project are not expertly integrated and managed, it may exceed the budget targets, fail to meet the schedule requirements, or fall short in terms of technical quality. In a typical Project Management Environment, a project passes through 4 stages:

  • Definition Stage: Specifications / Objectives / Teams / Responsibilities;
  • Planning Stage: Plans / Schedules / Quality Level / Budget;
  • Execution Stage: Physical & Mental Effort / Actual Product Produced / Controls / Revisions;
  • Delivery Stage: Delivery to Customer / Redeployment.

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Strategy: EAYDIN believes that a well-defined strategy should be established in terms of a good project execution. Linking all projects to the strategic direction of the organization is critical to success. We are fully aware that if project selection is not linked to the strategic plan, the result is poor utilization of the organization’s resources (people, money, equipment, competencies).

Organization: The understanding of EAYDIN is that a good project management system balances needs of the parent organization & the project by defining the interface between them in terms of authority, resource allocation & integration of project outcomes into mainstream operations.

Defining the project: EAYDIN’s approach to project execution is that a good project management is based on making correct definitions for the project including the sub stages of Project Scope, Project Priorities, and Work Breakdown Structuring for project definition step.

Estimation: In project management environment, the definition of estimation is known as it is the process of forecasting time and cost of completing project deliverables. Moreover, as EAYDIN our belief, it is one of the vital parts of project execution stages. Therefore, EAYDIN has a special concentration on the estimation concept with its experiences.

Leadership: In today’s highly competitive business world, EAYDIN is fully aware of leading a project requires experienced project leaders. As EAYDIN, we will continue to be the leaders and pioneers of our business units.

Team Management: Team management takes an important part in today’s extremely competitive business environment. Considerable number of project managers suffers organizational problems in team work. As EAYDIN, we strongly believe that team is the basis of a successful project. Therefore with the diverse background of experienced project partners and consultants, EAYDIN uses techniques, processes and tools for organizing and coordinating project management teams working towards our common goal on the project. EAYDIN develops teams through team building activities it uses simply to build relationships where team members lack cohesion due to organizational structure or physical distance. The experienced project consultants of EAYDIN approach team management with a focus on structure, communications and standardized practices.

Outsourcing: Outsourcing is no longer just about savings but also represents a long-term, results-oriented relationship between two companies. In today’s world, outsourcing is a trend that is not going away and is now encompassing all business units, including construction and project management services. However, the nature of multi-partnered project may face major difficulties. At this point, as EAYDIN we would like to share our know-how and experience for our clients in terms of Outsource Management.

Managing Risk: As many project management professionals know very well, there is always high risk in construction business particularly. Risk is a common term, heavily used in daily language. However, issues or concepts reflected may differ. Therefore our approach to Risk Management is proactive. EAYDIN’s proactive attempt to recognize and manage internal events and external threats that affect the likelihood of a project’s success. It aims at: Identifying as many risks as possible; Minimizing their impacts; Providing contingency funds to cover risk events that actually materialize.

Scheduling Resources and Cost: EAYDIN has a diverse experience in using methods for dealing with resource utilization & availability through leveling & resource-constrained scheduling. We make time estimates for Work Packages and activity times with the implicit assumption that resources would be available and independent of scheduling decisions as per our client’s needs. Our experienced project staff benefits the methods of scheduling resources, therefore that the project manager can make realistic judgments of resource availability and project durations.

Reducing Project Duration: According to our experience, reducing project duration is frequently seen fact in project execution. Our clients may need prompt solutions, due to rapidly changing global conditions, such as completing project earlier than planned because of time to market constraints. EAYDIN offers its clients optimum solutions when they would like to see us with them.

Monitoring Progress: EAYDIN strongly believes that performance evaluation & control require an information system that measures project progress & performance against a plan that supports delivery of a product or service on time, on budget & in the form agreed on with the client. EAYDIN uses a four step control process as follows: Setting a baseline plan Measuring Progress and Performance Comparing plan against actual Taking action In addition to the above, EAYDIN has very wide knowledge to use Earned Value System, which is globally accepted as an integrated cost and schedule control system.

Audit and Closure: EAYDIN evaluates if the project delivered the expected benefits to project owner(s). In an audit process we ask the following questions: Is the project being managed well? Is the client satisfied? For in-process project audits, we make corrective changes if conditions have changed and for concentration on project progress and performance. Additionally, we assess what is being done wrong by the project partners and what contributed to successes. We identify changes to improve the delivery of future projects of our clients.

EAYDIN offers Organization Management Services to its clients to realize their organizational potentials. We deliver custom-made programs and plans to be executed for successive results. Some of the covered services can be enlisted as;

  • Human Resources Management
  • Guidance
  • Organizational Performance
  • Organizational Development
  • Organizational Change

Performance Management: EAYDIN sees Performance Management as a set of reviewing and analytic processes with the help of information management. It is of great importance to define the strategy, to set goals and further on measure and understand the outputs as indicative performance. Performance appraisals function in 3 steps;

  • Gathering data according to the needs,
  • Analyzing and classifying the collected data to form a meaningful basis,
  • Seeing the results and reacting accordingly.

The methodology requires a strong framework and understanding throughout an organization. EAYDIN’s experience in the field will help the organizations see the future more clearly. There are numerous methods that we implement such as;

  • Balance Scorecard
  • KPI analysis
  • Six Sigma
  • Total Quality Management
  • Cross Examination

Along with the methods above EAYDIN aids the companies set business objectives and execution plans to effectively run an enterprise.

The challenge in managing the business flow and bringing new ideas into the procedures can be overcome by a series of techniques widely used in the world. EAYDIN creates a rhythm in the companies looking for a standard procedure for Process and Innovation Management. Tailored to the needs processes must be well- defined within an organization. Having innovation flow through an Organization also needs vision, expertise, and effort. EAYDIN harmonizes this process in these simple but effective steps;

  • Design
  • Modelling
  • Execution
  • Monitoring
  • Optimization

EAYDIN demonstrated successful applications of this procedure. The capability of EAYDIN will push your organization to the limits.

Financial Management: EAYDIN provides a broad list of financial management services. EAYDIN’s financial knowledge aid in effective financial management services. EAYDIN’s focus on financial services can be thought in parts as;

  • Building financial process functions throughout an enterprise by managing people and technology,
  • Constructing effective management reporting and intelligence structure that will support all managerial functions such as planning, decision making and control,
  • Specifying and implementing a financial management structure by including financial visibility, accounting and reporting tools,
  • Consolidating budgeting, planning, forecasting, and profitability information to accurately run the enterprise based on the structured financial management system,
  • Analyzing further investment possibilities, shareholder policies,
  • Managing the enterprise by building a strong budget and working capital management methodology.

In an extended view EAYDIN offers a wide range of qualitative and quantitative solutions for its clients’ financial management and advice needs.