Sales and Networking

EAYDIN / Sales and Networking

EAYDIN focuses on sales activities of transformer machinery and innovative urban vertical wind turbines in this business unit. We also are in constant search for sustainable and profitable projects in energy sector supporting developers and investors.

EAYDIN / Sales and Networking

Under Sales and Networking EAYDIN combines the marketing activities with project and business development. This enables us to create synergies and opportunities for KNOW-HOW transfer as EAYDIN has global partnerships with engineering service and component suppliers.

EAYDIN’s focus on business development is oriented by client’s goals and social benefits. The path to growth and success for businesses to run sustainable projects go through stages of development and coordination. EAYDIN helps the clients reach their goals in their projects through interaction, detailed analysis, planning, and risk assessment in the stages of business development.

EAYDIN Sales and Networking Chart

The initial step of Business/Project Development is the identification of the possible project. Whether the project is large or small in terms of budget, time, and resources it should be elaborated critically by careful evaluations through certain methodologies. As EAYDIN, we are responsible for giving the right direction to an investor in the search for the right project. When it comes to identifying the project, we consider several aspects such as;

  • Investment Size
  • Technology
  • Resources
  • Equipment
  • Marketing

EAYDIN Sales and Networking Table

A project always needs ideas. In order to realize the ideas an overall look from different points is essential. We help our clients shape their ideas to form a rigid basis for the project.

For the parties in the project, we make sure that total involvement and focus is given by project participants. Given success requires a good start there will be no gap in assessment for EAYDIN.